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Seamless Paper

Cover Large Walls Easily with Seamless Paper Rolls

Don’t like the color of the room? Don’t worry. You can easily change it. Orange, blue, yellow? How about a nice neutral nutmeg or a dark brown brick pattern? There are plenty of colors to choose from and they are all easy to install. What a difference a new color can make! It is like a whole new space. With seamless paper, you can cover walls, table tops, or even create a red carpet for a Hollywood-themed party or a brick road for a nice walk through the garden.

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Seamless paper rolls make decorating a breeze

Set the theme for a beach party with a teal backdrop that is as bright at the shining sky above the ocean. Set props in front of the wall, like a palm tree, sand box and some beach balls. Guests will love to take pictures and pretend like they are on the beach relaxing in the sun and listening to the crashing waves. You don’t have to leave the seamless paper a blank slate. Jazz it up with banners, cut outs and other decorations like gossamer or curtains.