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Arabian Banners

Make It an Arabian Night

Give guests the first taste of your Arabian night themed party by sending invitations featuring passports and pyramids. When guests arrive to your party, welcome them with an Arabian banner donning the same iconic images from Egyptian culture. Inside the event, decorate with Arabian theme party decorations like a flying carpet, camel standee, and exotic metallic palm trees. Don't let guests leave empty-handed and offer genie lamps on the way out to make a perfect keepsake from an exciting Arabian night that took place close to home.

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Create a Striking Focal Point or Backdrop

Use a large pyramid banner as the focal point of the night. Hang it in the center of the room and use gossamer and balloons as accents along the edges. Customize it to highlight the name of your event. Use a smaller version of the same sign or create a new design and hang it as a backdrop for photo ops. Drape fabric or poly vinyl as the background and hang the banner above it. Surround the sign with an Arabian Paradise Column or peacock standee to create a photo effect guests won't soon forget.