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DIY Embellishments

Dress up your party with Decorative Embellishments

When you want to make an object or a project more attractive, embellishments are a great way to add the kinds of decorative details that turn the ordinary into something exceptional. Any banner or flourish will look better and capture the eye more quickly when you apply Crystal Stick-On Rhinestones. These sparkling rhinestones bring the bling wherever it is needed. Another simple, inexpensive method to add some color and make your decorations unique is to use some festive twine. Pink Baker's Twine features a pink-and-white swirl that looks good and provides flair to invitations, favors or anywhere else you can think to use it.

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Put the sparkle in your party with Rhinestone Embellishments

Rhinestone embellishments are a decorative element that can be used to add a touch of glamour to any project. Clear craft rhinestones come in an assortment of sizes and shapes, from crescents or stars to hearts and snowflakes. Simply add a drop of glue and you can affix these bright little ornaments where they will look the best. Glitter is another must-have for any DIY embellishment project. The Silver Glitter Shaker Jar adds shimmer with ease and is just one of several colors that Stumps carries to support your DIY party needs.