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DIY Party Decorations

Add your unique style with DIY Party Decorations & Supplies

You want your event to be beautiful but that can get expensive, which is why DIY party decorations can be such a helpful way to bring costs down without sacrificing the joyous atmosphere the night deserves. A DIY Flower Jar Vase helps create that rustic feel that is so popular with a few simple items that come together quickly and easily. With a few ball jars, a hot glue gun, burlap fabric and white satin ribbon, you’ll be able to create enough centerpieces bring style to any party, and you will save a bundle in the process. If you want to get even more creative, the Mini Art Canvas lets you create place cards or favors for guests. Just use your imagination – you will need little else.

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Create your own party themes with these DIY Party Supplies & Decorations

DIY party decorations are an inexpensive way to create a truly unique atmosphere that guests will love and appreciate. Your event is sure to be one-of-a-kind because the DIY decorations you choose and make come from your imagination and no one else’s. To create a DIY Mardi Gras Magic Lollipop Display, for example, simply choose a foam florist cube to begin, then pick out the wrapping paper you would like to use, the customizable sticker decals you prefer, a satin ribbon to finish it off, and you are well on your way to a unique gift item.