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DIY Party Favors

Add your special touch with DIY Party Favors

When you want to send your guests home with something memorable, DIY party favors from Stumps are the perfect way show them your appreciation. Because these gifts are meant to say thank you for coming, knowing that you spent the time to create them will mean more to your friends and family than spending a lot of money would. You don’t have to sacrifice quality, of course.

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Personalize your next event with these DIY Party favors

Make that special day even more exceptional with DIY wedding party favors that let you give guests the gift of your imagination. They’ll strike just the right note and turn out exactly as intended because you’ll be able to create them yourself. The Favor Jar with Fabric Cover is a simple and surprisingly elegant way to give guests something to take with them for the trip home - perhaps it’s something edible they can snack on. If it is DIY prom favors that you’re after, the Prom DIY Favor Bag Kits let you personalize your gifts with a bag topper, then choose the kinds of candies or keepsakes you would like to include.