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Hip Hop Standees

Hip Hop Standees Bring Attitude

Hip Hop cardboard cutouts add dimensional funk to your hip hop theme party. Show off some party moves, add some bling, and make some noise with hip hop cutouts or hip hop standees.

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Hip Hop Standees Are Where It's At

  • Hip Hop cutouts, like the break dancer standee, will get guests showing off their best dance moves. Challenge your guests to strike the same pose when taking pictures next to these hip hop cardboard cutouts!
  • Place hip hop graffiti signs hip hop standees around the room. Let guests add to the graffiti decor introduced with these hip hop cutouts by covering the walls with seamless paper and setting out paints.
  • Supply your guests with hip hop favors displayed on tables accessorized with eye-catching hip hop cutouts. The Diamond Bling standee copies the style of the bling necklace. Swirl Glow hip hop cardboard cutouts match tables covered with hip hop worthy glow products.