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Mardi Gras Standees

Mardi Gras Standees Add Authenticity

Mardi Gras standees are easy to get, easy to set up, and easy to admire. Create the perfect Mardi Gras event theme atmosphere with Mardi Gras cutouts near the entrance, next to the band, or out on the dance floor. They're perfect for commemorative photos too!

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Decorate with Mardi Gras Standees

Make a big impact on your Mardi Gras party guests with Mardi Gras standees and Mardi Gras props. Place jazz sax players and other Mardi Gras cutouts silhouettes around the room with motion activated voice boxes behind them that play music.

Set up a mysterious mask standee for photos. Hand out Mardi Gras mask favors as a prop that guests can use when posing next to this and other Mardi Gras standees. Match the energy and color of these Mardi Gras standees with Mardi Gras balloons floating around them. Emphasize one of the colors found on the Mardi Gras cutouts with complementary panels of event fabrics hanging behind and above the Mardi Gras standees.