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Spirit Standees

Spirit Standees

Get your students ready to cheer with our spirit standees custom standees make a big impression at spirit week or celebrate your athletes at Homecoming or senior night. Try our custom helmet standee for the entrance at your next big game!

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Spirit Cutouts

Our spirit standees help you create a memorable scene at your big school event. Use our Scrabble Game Night Kit to decorate for the Homecoming dance. You can also use our Giant 3D letters to create any spirit message you want. Try our spirit standees in designs to match your sports season and liven up your home games with personalized spirit decorations.

Everyone does the yard signs (and you can get awesome signs at Stumps); if your team or a particular student achieves something big like a state competition or a special record, create a lifesized standee for the locker room or hallway. The standee makes a great keepsake for the student and his or her parents. You can create lifesized standees to sell through the booster club too!