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Decorative Borders

Decorative Borders Make Great Displays, Too

When home renovators want to freshen a room without investing the time of a new paint job or the money of new wallpaper, they’ll turn to decorative wall borders instead. These days, party planners are learning that same trick, and at Stumps we are more than happy to help them pull off this magic act with aplomb. Our easy-to handle rolls of corrugated paper borders are a fantastic way to dress up the walls at any event. They’re not just for the upper reaches either. Designs such as our film roll border a great way for displaying years’ worth of photos at a retirement or graduation party. You might have to explain the design to graduates, though. Many of today’s teens have never experienced the anticipation of waiting for pictures to come back from the developer.

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One Decorative Border, Many Possible Uses

Our city skyline border is another versatile decorating supply. Placed at the lower edge of the wall, this 18-inch high border creates the feel of seeing the metropolis on the horizon. It’s a great addition to the decor for a number of city-oriented party or prom themes, with settings from New York to Chicago. Sold in 25-foot lengths, the skyline decorative border also is a great piece for a parade float or for a show choir whose performance includes Broadway tunes. It’s also great for a kid’s Super Hero birthday party. Yes, that really is Metropolis you see. Or maybe it’s Gotham City. Cut any extra border into smaller sections, place an LED light behind it and you’ll have a centerpiece that resembles big city lights.