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Decorative Columns

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Add Depth to the Party with Interior Columns

Decorative columns make adding color and style to your event easy and affordable. Use the height of the interior columns to add another dimension to the room. With a plethora of columns to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for. Give an area a romantic glow with lighted columns in all different colors, including pink, red, green and blue. Reusable stretch columns can be used in hundreds of ways and can match practically any theme! Regardless of your party’s theme, there are plenty of ways to enhance any event with decorative columns from Stumps Party.

Top Picks

Set the Tone with Party Columns

Allow the decorations at your party to help you set the tone for the evening. Decorative interior columns are a great way to represent your party’s theme. Place shooting star columns in the photo op area to create an out-of-this-world setting for pictures to be taken. For a more modern prom setting, the shine of a silver metallic column will get everyone partying the night away. With reusable slips, changing the look and feel of your activities is easy. Simply switch the red slip you used for the Valentine’s Day party to your school’s color for graduation. Setting the tone is easy with decorative columns from Stumps Party.