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Decorative Balustrades

Decorate Large Spaces with Balustrades

Use decorative balustrades to break up a large space. The white balustrade is a great way to petition off a section of the room to create two separate spaces. Choose either the 2 foot high or 4 foot high design and add a classy look to the room. Each is made from double walled fluted paper, is 4 feet long, and they are easily put together right in your event space. For a more decorative look, wrap garland around them in the colors of the event to bring the whole look together.

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Use Balustrades to Create a Picture Perfect Space

Every formal dance or prom needs a spot for pictures. Create the spot using event balustrades along with columns and archways, or choose the Mediterranean Kit for a complete set. This kit comes with a double-walled Aegean archway, a white pedestal, two white balustrades, and garden mural for the background. Everything easily goes together to make a perfect scene for couples to stand in for their pictures. For a brighter look in the room, the Luminescent balustrade is made with fabric and an aluminum frame. String some lights around it to light it up as the kids dance the night away.