Decorative Paper Lanterns

Vibrant Hanging Paper Lanterns for Events

Decorate in style with beautiful, fun and inexpensive decorative lanterns from Stumps Party. With a variety of lanterns to choose from, you’ll find exactly what you need quickly and easily. These colorful party lanterns are perfect for indoor or outdoor parties by adding just the right amount of light to your festivities. Decorate your living room with the zebra print lighted tissue lantern to enhance your jungle theme. Go wild by coupling that with zebra paper lantern garland. Give your guests something to remember the night by with white paper lantern favor boxes. For all your decorative lantern needs, Stumps Party has all the choices you’ll need to spruce up any event.

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Our Party Lanterns Work Great Outdoors

If you’re taking the party outside this summer, party lanterns are the perfect accessory! Attach lanterns to string and hang them from the trees in your yard. No trees? No worries! Hanging paper lanterns can be suspended from gates, porches, clothes lines and more to add personality and a touch of color to any outdoor event. Try a lime green paper lantern for your ‘60s disco party, and when the party is over, simply collapse the lantern and reuse it next year. Place a teak lantern in the middle of the table to add light and comfort to the festivities, and a black lantern is perfect for lighting up walkways. Stumps Party has decorative lanterns for everyone to make your party unforgettable.

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