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Mirror Balls

Mirror Balls Light Up the Night

Mirror balls and disco balls add moving light to your dance floor. Use event fabrics to create the perfect landscape for the mirror ball to illuminate. Add to the allure of the night with a mirror ball from Stumps Party. Try our affordable disco mirror ball to really make your disco ball sparkle.

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Mirror Ball & Event Ideas

A mirror ball is a classic decoration for your dance or reception! Use the 12 inch glass mirror ball to create a spectacularly romantic space with light bouncing all over the place. Hang the mirror ball underneath a canopy of silver shimmera and red gossamer. If you want the disco ball to rotate, buy our rotating motor. Continue the sparkle with a silver shimmering square column wrapped in the same silver shimmera and red gossamer used to create the canopy. Add a spotlight to shine on the mirror ball and the space will light up!

A Hollywood theme party amps up the glamorous feel with a 12 inch mirror ball. The hip hop theme is all about the bling and nothing says "bling" more than mirror balls. Accessorize the hip hop hustle theme kit with a revolution disco ball suspended above the space.