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Great Party Photo Props for Prom & Events

Get the cameras out to capture all the fun and entertaining moments during your get-together. Make every picture perfect and every moment memorable with decorative party props from Stumps Party. Be the prince or princess at the ball with fairytale dream kits complete with castles, columns and arches. You’ll be beaming with delight in the land of sweets with candy-inspired party props. Dress for success and smile for the camera for your debut on the red carpet with event props including a red curtain, red rope railings and a Hollywood film reel prop. Stumps Party has all the decorative props you need to create the right atmosphere for your next themed event.

Top Picks

Stay Under Budget with Stumps Party Event Props

While everyone else is smiling for the camera, you’ll be smiling for a different reason. With cheap party prop decorations from Stumps Party, you’ll have a blast without spending a fortune. Allow your guests to be big winners at your casino-inspired party. Let them play their hand at the slots with a cardboard slot machine standee, which is affordable and easy to assemble. Other party photo props include items for city, Western and tropical themes. With props like these from Stumps Party, everyone at the party will be smiling for a picture.