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Jungle Props Help Parties Roar To Life

From “Lion King” to “Jungle Book,” safaris to an evening in the Amazon, create a perfect party or fantastic performance with jungle-themed decorations from Stumps Party. We carry a variety of standees, inflatables, decor and sound chips that can make your event come to life on every level. We have several themes kits available that combine several major pieces in value-priced collections, and we also carry everything you need to create a fabulous experience ala carte. Start with a waterfall created from gossamer and lights. Line the entrance way with electronic fire pits or lighted tropical palm trees. Drape mosquito netting overhead and trim it with garland and the occasional tropical bird. Serve beverages from a tiki bar and decorate your food tables with pineapples and coconuts. You’ll have a look that’s both spectacular and special.

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Jungle Party Props Can Fit A Number Of Themes

Jungle props are flexible enough to fit a number of themes, allowing you to maximize your entertainment budget by reusing decor. The tiki bar and palm trees, for example, would also be a fabulous part of a luau theme. If you’re sure you’ll have no future use for the decor, donate it to a local church or community group. Jungle animals positioned two by two create an impressive Noah’s Ark scene for Sunday or Bible school. The local library also could use the props to promote a summer reading program for children. Businesses can use jungle decorations, too, to spice up employee luncheons or parties. Tell your staff it’s a jungle out there and throw a special reception to congratulate your team for surviving and thriving.