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Bring Your Party To Life With Sound Chips

From car beeps to monkey screeches, you’ll find the auditory ambiance to bring your party to life with a selection of sound chips. They’re the latest thing in party decorating, adding an element of sound that can make your decorations seem to come alive. Sound chips are incredibly inexpensive as well as innovative. Position a rushing water chip near a flowing gossamer waterfall in a jungle theme and guests will instantly begin to relax at the sound of the soothing flow. Wake them up a few minutes later when they pass a lion standee that actually roars at them, thanks to a carefully hidden sound chip. Add a jazz trio sound chip at the entrance arch to your Mardi Gras party to instantly transport party-goers to New Orleans. We also carry the sound of a camera shutter clicking, a great touch for simulating the paparazzi at a Hollywood party.

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Create The Perfect Ambiance With Recordable Sound Chips.

The sound chips are battery operated, easy to use and so affordable that you can hide a number of them around the room to increase the ambiance. Each plays for about 20 seconds, so the sound won’t constantly intrude on the band or conversations. At Stumps Party, we carry 10 different sound chips that fit a variety of themes. If you can’t find one that’s perfect for your gala, we offer a recordable model that lets you capture your own audio. Record the roar of the crowd for a sports theme or the beginnings of the school fight song for the homecoming dance – even the band deserves some time off. The message can be erased and re-recorded repeatedly, ensuring that this handy little device will be part of your party plans for years to come.