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Wizard of Oz Props

Set the scene for a magical night with Wizard of Oz Props

Our exclusive Wizard of Oz decorative props will transport prom guests to the magical land of Oz. Use solid color gossamer to form a rainbow along walls and ceilings. Make a path down your hallways with this yellow brick road walkway set.

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Wizard of Oz Props

  • Leave your guests with no doubts that they've left Kansas far behind with an Oz entrance.
  • Late in the night, guests may be thinking "There's no place like home." Remind them with Wizard of Oz decorative props like our hot air balloon background.
  • Too many prom decorating decisions? Make it easy on yourself with our Wizard of Oz kit. It contains everything you need to decorate for a Wizard of Oz prom: an Oz entrance, 3 giant poppies, rail fences, a yellow brick road, an Emerald City background, and a balloon apple tree. You're done!