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Reusable Lights and Lanterns

Reusable Lights and Lanterns

Reusable lights and lanterns will not only save you money, they're also very green minded. Be good to your wallet and the planet with reusable lights and lanterns from Stumps. We love LED accent lights which may be used in centerpieces or scattered on tabletops. They help turn your evening into a dream!

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Green Lights and Lanterns

Do you feel bad spending lots for party decor, feeling that it will all end up in the landfill? No need for that! Stumps carries many party supplies that you can use over and over. Shop all our reusable decorations for pedestals, columns, arches, and other decor you can get your money's worth out of.

Do you have columns for your party that need a bit of sprucing up? Shop our reusable column fabric slips which come in an array of colors. They can make old columns look like new.