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Reusable Pedestal Fabric Slips

Reusable Pedestal Fabric Slips

Eco-friendly reusable pedestal fabric slips can easily change the color of any of our reusable pedestals. Reusable pedestal fabric slips are an affordable decorative element that add color to your event theme. Shop all our reusable decorations for more great green decorations. We're fans of the white column slip. It's a beautiful addition to any prom or wedding venue.

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Pedestal Fabric Slips

Purchase extra red and black reusable pedestal fabric slips to use at your Hollywood theme and Valentine's Day event supplies.

Take creative liberty with your reusable pedestals because you can easily switch out the reusable pedestal fabric slips. Purchase multiple pedestal columns and accent with your choice of Mardi Gras beads.

Guarantee the long usage of your reusable pedestals with extra reusable pedestal fabric slips. For example, don't worry that your white pedestal column will become unusable because of dirt. Purchase backup white pedestal fabric slips and you'll always be ready for the next big theme party.