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What's a Cheer Squad without Cheer Decorations

Create a winning atmosphere with cheer decorations from Stumps. From balloons to banners, you’re sure to find everything you need to win big at your school’s next spirit event. Hang background materials from the walls, including gossamer, corrugated paper and cracked ice, and place spirit standees in the hallways and gymnasium. Don’t forget to have your classmates decorate their cars, too! Stumps has magnets, decals and window markers that are perfect for use on any vehicle, allowing you to take your school spirit on the road with you. It should be hard to find cheer decorations that match your school’s colors, and with Stumps, it’s not!

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Before the big game, decorate your school’s hallways with spirit supplies that match your school’s colors. Search decorations by color to find arches, deco beads and balloons that coordinate perfectly with your team. Keep the excitement level high with the addition of a custom banner! Hang it inside before the event, or at the entrance of the stadium so the crowd can see it when they arrive. Make sure to provide other crowd-pleasers during the game, such as sport-themed balloons for the biggest fans or an arch and standee where everyone can enjoy a good photo opp. For all your spirit decoration needs, Stumps is the place to be!