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Chiffon Fabric

Cheap Chiffon Fabric at Wholesale Prices

Chiffon fabric is a rich, shimmering and versatile material perfect for wrapping around columns, decorating a stage or using as table covers. Iridescent chiffon fabric also changes colors in different lighting, making it a dramatic and eye-grabbing decoration. Whether you’re hosting a celebratory dinner, setting up a high school prom or putting the finishing touches on a fundraising banquet, iridescent chiffon fabric is a breathtaking decoration accessory. Silver iridescent chiffon adds sparkle to anything it adorns, and working with the versatile material is quick and easy.

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Using Chiffon Material for Events & Parties

With chiffon fabric, the possibilities are endless. Stumps has a wide variety of colors and sparkling chiffon fabric at wholesale prices. Add layers of chiffon fabric squares to a black or white cloth-covered table for a Hollywood-themed party, or use the fabric to tie squares around the chair backs for an elegant, eye-popping look. One of the best ways to use iridescent chiffon fabric is to hang it from the ceiling to the floor. This allows the wavy and elegant material to add a touch of class to any event. For a medieval theme, hang the blue iridescent sparkle fabric throughout the venue for a truly royal look.