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Solid Color Gossamer

Solid Color Gossamer

Buy solid color gossamer and decorate tables, walls, floors, and chairs at your event. Stumps Party has so many gossamer fabric colors to choose from that you can create any look you want. Use solid gossamer such as gold gossamer to create a rich backdrop for theme decoration.

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Solid Color Gossamer Rolls

Enjoy the ultimate versatility of solid color gossamer for table settings with the following technique. Select any color of gossamer fabric to serve as the base covering on the table. For this example choose Bermuda blue gossamer. Next, place flat decorative accents on the table. For a tropical theme, use colorful tropical paper fish. Finish the table covering with one more layer of sheer gossamer such as white gossamer that will allow the decorative accents to show through. Place a palm tree centerpiece on the table to finish off this particular look. If you have really high ceilings then hang long panels of metallic gold gossamer from ceiling to floor to create a look of opulent gossamer fabric colors columns. Pair solid gossamer with patterned gossamer to really make the themes pop.

Customize a decorative arch to the color theme of your event by wrapping in a candy-cane fashion one or more pieces of solid color gossamer around the frame of the arch. For a patriotic theme wrap the arch with red gossamer and royal blue gossamer accented with plastic flag garland running along the frame of the arch. Pull a panel of blue gossamer from the arch to the floor on the left side and a panel of red gossamer from the arch to the right side to give depth to the arch that guests would be walking under or taking their picture in front of.