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Netting Fabric

Many Gorgeous Colors, Limitless Potential For Decorating With Netting Fabric

Eleven gorgeous colors and limitless possibilities. That’s what you’ll find at Stumps, your home for fantastic prices on nylon mesh netting fabric that’s an oh-so-affordable way to add colors, style and texture to any party, prom or gala. Our wholesale prices on bolts of netting amount to little more than pocket change for each of the 40 yards on the rolls. At those prices, it makes sense to buy in bulk, because you’ll always find a reason to use the rest for a future event. And though most people think of netting as the stuff of airy pastels, we also carry darker colors of netting such as black, burgundy and navy. It’s fantastic for wrapping around posts or support beams and adding pop to around a room, plus it’s far cheaper than buying a decorative column to serve that same purpose.

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Upgrade Your Ambiance With Affordable Decorating Fabrics Such as Mesh Netting

Netting, along with its lighter weight cousin tulle, is the cheapest of the extensive inventory of decorating fabrics you’ll find at Stumps Party. Don’t let cost put you off the possibility of exploring the others, though. Even gleaming satin, translucent gossamer and glimmering chiffon are inexpensive thanks to our great prices on bolts of fabric. All are easily affordable for backdrops, ceiling drapes, chair bows and more. The best part: use a versatile neutral color such as gold, silver or black and you’ll get two great looks for one low price. It’s a breeze (plus it’s free) to turn last year’s photo background into this year’s table runner or overlay. Or simply use the same background again, adding inexpensive props to create a scene unique to your new theme.