Taffeta Fabric

A Great Shiny Fabric for Walls, Tables & Backdrops

Watch a Hollywood premier or attend a prom and you’ll notice the taffeta fabric everywhere. This glossy fabric provides that shimmering effect that lets party-goers know they are in for something special. In a variety of bold, vibrant colors, taffeta offers a glamorous setting for any use. Designers often make wall or table coverings from taffeta. The material lends a distinctive feel to any gathering and is heavier and of higher quality than many of the other fabrics used for similar purposes. One of the most popular fabrics for parties and special events, taffeta always lives up to its reputation for elegance and sophistication.

Be sure to watch our Glitter Taffeta video to find out more about this awesome decorating material!

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How to Incorporate Taffeta Fabric in Your Event

Using Taffeta fabric is an ideal way to take any event to the next level without increasing the price tag. A smooth fabric with a hint of stiffness, taffeta can be used to decorate in any number of ways. Event planners often use this glossy fabric to cover the tables at formal gatherings, to cover walls or as a flourish that provides a bold splash of color in all the right spots. Look at event photos where a booth has been set up to take pictures, and you will many times see taffeta used as the backdrop. This shiny fabric sparkles in full light but also adds an air of elegance and sophistication in softer settings where lighting is provided by candles or natural moonlight. An event without taffeta may not be all that it could have been.

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