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Party Balloons

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Balloon Accessories - The Perfect Party Addition

There’s a reason party balloons are such universally popular decorations. They’re colorful, they’re festive and they’re about as cheap as party supplies get. But between all the finger-cramping tying and inflating that can put your face it risk, balloon decorating sometimes can be a hassle. At Stumps Party, though, we make the inexpensive easy as well. We have all the balloon accessories you need, from helium tanks to electric inflators to balloon clips that make balloon blowing a breeze. We even have a few secrets and trucks, such as Ultra Hi-Float that keeps the balloons inflated up to 25 times longer than helium alone. So go ahead and decorate the night before so your prom committee can go home and get gussied up at the same time their classmates do.

Arches And Drops A Great Investment For Prom Balloons

Still following that old mantra of working smarter, not harder? If you are, then our Balloon Quickie Clipper is just the gadget for you. This handy little gadget will cut your balloon decorating time in half and save you from painful finger cramps from all that tying. It’s a handy balloon accessory to have if you’re blowing up a few dozen for bouquets. It’s an essential if you’re inflating hundreds of balloons for an entrance arch or an end-of-party balloon drop. The good news about the clipper, the arch and the drop bag is that you’ll be able to reuse them in future years. Simply buy more clips and replacement balloons in the next theme’s colors. You’ll have fabulous new decor without spending much money at all.