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Balloon Accessories

Balloon Decorating Requires the Right Accessories

Make the most of balloon decorating with our collection of balloon accessories. The first order of business is to get your balloons in the air, and our portable helium tank will make the process quick and easy. You can even extend how long balloons float—up to 25 times longer!—by adding Ultra Hi-Float to balloons before inflating with helium. For non-helium balloons, our cool air inflator will do the job in half the time, which gives you more time to decorate! Use with our balloon clips and never tire out your hands from tying hundreds of knots!

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Create Beautiful Balloon Stars and Arches

The right balloon accessories can take your balloon decorating projects to a new level. Creating beautiful balloon arches is easy when you use balloon-decorating tape. Just attach balloons to the plastic tape to keep them in place as you build the arches. Make your own star balloon arrangement with our star-shaped balloon frame. The 50”x46” frame includes 280 five-inch white balloons to complete the look, or use your own balloons to customize the color. A balloon drop is a fun way to celebrate a moment, and our balloon bags hold 100 six-inch balloons that are easily released with a pull string.