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Asian Frames

Oriental Photo Frames Fit Gala Or Prom Themes

Thank guests for traveling on the Orient Express or for joining you on in the Secret Zen Garden. With more than a dozen Asian photo frames to choose from at Stumps Party, you’ll find a great way to let guests preserve their memories of a wonderful evening. The frames, which range from a simple unprinted acrylic 5x7 to and elegant personalized block frame, also would fit fantastically at a Chinese New Year celebration. The frames will add an elegant look clustered at the middle of the tables as centerpieces, a tea light flickering gently and a red envelope that’s the traditional gift for the holiday tucked into a corner. According to one folktale, the tradition started when children were given envelopes filled with coins for good luck. Adding gold chocolate coins to your favors would be a nice way to honor that story.

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Custom Asian Photo Frames In A Range of Designs

Our Asian picture frames include both the bold and the delicate. Several frame designs feature Asian letters against contrasting backgrounds. You can pick the colors, though red symbolizes fortune and joy in many Oriental countries. For a softer look, select the Night of the Dragon Frame with pink cherry blossoms against a white background. Many of our frames can be customized with information such as the name and date of the event. Our online system makes this easy even for those with no design experience. The personalized message is a perfect touch for a prom, and it will look just as sharp at a gala luncheon thanking volunteers or donors. Skip the usual list of caterers and call your favorite Chinese restaurant for authentic flavor.