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Under the Sea Frames

Under the sea photo frames are designed to capture the vibrancy of the ocean floor, the blue of the sea, and the fun of the night. Guests will love displaying pictures from the underwater theme party in personalized under the sea frames. You can also use these under the sea frames for fundraisers, and thank you gifts.

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Under the Sea Photo Frames Accessorize Your Party Pictures

  • Personalized under the sea frames infuse your official prom picture with the beauty of the coral reefs. Give guests the opportunity to include the custom creation under the sea pure romance frame to their photo package. Incorporate elements of the ocean blue kit that match the under the sea frames into the photo op for a remarkable look.
  • Under the sea photo frames make great party favors when given alone or with other items. Choose the underwater frame and pair it with other unique under the sea favors as the ideal ending to the perfect night. Guests will appreciate these under the sea frames for years to come.