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Prom Key Tag Favors

Personalized prom key tag favors are fabulous keepsakes and can double as the tickets for your event. Our personalized prom key tag favors come in a unique selection of styles that can be imprinted with your event information. In the end, prom key tag favors can be a key part of your prom party favors for your guests.

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Prom Key Tag Favors Polish Off a Great Prom

  • Create one of a kind personalized prom key tag favors with our exclusive custom creation acrylic key tag. Just choose a background from our vast photo library, add your text, and you've created your own original key tag design.
  • Recognize members of your prom royalty with prom key tag favors. This year, make it the Diamond Prom Keytag. Give royalty the custom key tag favors at the same time as you give them their sashes.
  • Adult, prom committee supervisors put in a lot of time to make sure the student body has a fantastic prom. Thank them with personalized prom key tag favors. Gather the committee members together for a group shot at the end of prom night. Put that picture inside of the personalized prom design acrylic key tag. Give the prom key tag favors to your supervisors along with a a personal thank you message from each student committee member.

    On a budget? Keep your event on budget with our favor combos.