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Feather Boas Dress Up Every Occasion

Set a new standard in the crowd with feather boas. Offer boas to parents, alumni, and other party goers. Boas aren't just for wearing; feather boas also make great decorative accents!

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Make a Statement with Feather Boas

Combine boas and other wearable favors to make a definite statement of confidence, enthusiasm, and pizzazz. Wrap feather boas around decorative columns used at a Mardi Gras theme party. Swirl a boa around a centerpiece on a table. Use a contrasting color to your gossamer tablecloth. Purchase boas that match your school colors and add them to your stock of school spirit items. The boas will be used by cheerleaders, pep clubs, and drill teams. Add green feather boas to your St. Patrick's Day supplies. Guests will enjoy flaunting their boa styles and then they can take the feather boas home as one of their favorite event favors.