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Blue Tableware

True Blue Tableware Creates Classic Tables

True blue tableware gives your table setting a cool, energetic feel. Transform your event with this lovely shade of blue. Stumps offers both heavy duty true blue plastic tableware and true blue paper tableware.

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True Blue Tableware Ideas

Use plastic blue tableware to create a classic party look or a fun theme table. A castle event theme is beautiful with silver iridescent chiffon fabric tablecovers and true blue tableware to enchant your guests. Place a glass mirror in the center of the table and add a lovely silver centerpiece to the glass. Then toss castle confetti around the centerpiece on the glass. Drape pearl necklaces on the centerpieces for a glamorous princess look.

True blue tableware practically floats away with dark blue water gossamer as your table covers for your underwater theme party. The under the sea centerpiece makes your tables come to life with the seaweed looking garland and the cute fish “swimming around”.