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Purple Tableware

Purple Tableware Adds a Beautiful Pop of Color

Purple tableware is a classic, cheerful color with versatility and style. This color is great for any occasion, at any time of the year. It has the ability to make a bright, bold statement, yet also transition into complimenting an atmosphere that is simple, classic, and romantic. Stumps offers heavy-duty plastic purple tableware and paper purple tableware.

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Purple Tableware Ideas

For a casual event theme, purple tableware is perfect with white, crème, or patterned linens. Glass centerpieces are nice for any party, they give the tables depth and candles create a glowing, reflective effect. A simple but lovely centerpiece is the white rose bud centerpiece that makes the perfect finishing touch.

To create a formal event, black table linens with a purple overlay is perfect. The glass centerpiece enhances the tables along with candles, glass beads, and silver bud vases with flowing flowers in purple, white, and red.