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Silver Tableware

Silver Tableware Creates a Metallic Acccent

Silver tableware is a versatile color to give your event tables a polished look, a flashy look, or a snazzy look. Stumps offers both heavy duty silver plastic tableware and silver paper tableware.

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Silver Tableware Ideas

Silver tableware makes a beautiful addition to your tables and theme events. A city event theme is an exciting theme to bring to life. Place black liquid metallic fabric on your tables to create a night time effect with silver plastic tableware. To give your tables a glow, put a Empire State Building centerpiece and city building confetti in the middle of the tables.

Start decorating your disco theme party with a silver glitter taffeta fabric tablecover and place silver tableware on top of it. For a fun, unique centerpiece, take a Styrofoam head form and put an afro wig on the form, then add one of the disco ball necklaces. Scatter confetti around the centerpiece for a finishing touch.