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Solid Color Tableware

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Colored Plastic Plates & Tableware for Your Next Big Party!

After all the partying, guests will certainly work up an appetite. Whether they are boogying the night away on the dance floor, sprinting down the yard in a three-legged race, or eagerly chatting with long-lost friends, your party people will need to refuel to keep the energy level high. Don’t let there be a dull moment and dress the table with the same care you did the rest of the area. Use the color scheme to find the perfect solid color tableware sets. The attention to detail will make your party one to remember.

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Fun and festive solid color tableware

Don’t use your personal dining plates and flatware when you have guests. Save time scrubbing dirty dishes and make your party much more festive with solid color tableware. Find your dinner plates, cutlery, cups and dinner napkins all in one place at Stumps. You can add a level of elegance to your event without having to worry about high costs and cleaning with silver cutlery, silver plates and plastic champagne flutes. Whether you are hosting a wedding, graduation party, prom or family gathering, you will want to have the easiest way to create a cohesive look without the high costs and risk that comes with tableware rentals.