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Prom or Formal Decor Works Great As Birthday Party Themes, Too

From the classic, time-tested masquerade ball to a current decor trends, Stumps Party takes pride in being your go-to store for inspiration, ideas and supplies for any prom, formal or gala. Our theme packages run literally from A to Z – from Africa to Zombies. Take your guests on an adventure to a far-off land, invite them to an evening in a by-gone era or let them party in glitz and glamour created in almost any color of the rainbow. We have more than 180 theme kits that make planning, organizing and ordering easy. All the major elements are included, and at a lower price than if purchased separately. For organizations with smaller budgets or smaller venues, pieces can be ordered separately. This flexibility is ideal for people looking for great birthday party themes for small gatherings.

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Everything You Need To Take A Theme Party From Start To Finish

At Stumps Party, we know that a great party is about more than the big backdrops. It’s also about tiny touches on the tables and the favors that guests will look back at fondly in the future. At Stumps Party, we sweat the details so you won’t have to. Every theme page on our site includes, not only major props, but also details such as suggestions for centerpieces and other room decors. We make finding the perfect Prom favors easy with our extensive inventory of products that can be customized to fit your theme and personalized with a message about your event. All are available in designs that coordinate fabulously with our formal and prom theme packages, making it easy for planners to carry the same design through from start to finish of the event.