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Brazilian Themed Party Supplies

From Samba dancers to feather masks, give your party the Rio Carnival theme.

The sensual rhythms and sultry costumes can mean only one thing: someone is throwing a Brazilian-themed party. When it comes to a wild night in Rio, there is no holding back. The Samba Dancer Standee is a perfect way to set the party’s tone. Resplendent in a colorful yellow costume topped with an elaborate feathered head piece, the dancer owns the carefree spirit that Carnival represents. Guests will also love the masks that add a playful touch to any gathering and are a must at any masquerade.

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Millions come to Rio each year for Carnival, a celebration that goes on for days. Your crowd may not be that large, but your party will still be an event to remember. A Rio Carnival Mask Standee will bring a bit of Brazil to the affair, with gold swirl accents highlighting the colorful green and blue pattern. No trip to Rio would be complete without a glimpse of the famous statue that overlooks the city. The Rio Redeemer Monument Standee gives your guests a fun way to experience this famous landmark. They can take pictures with it and tell everyone what a great time they had at this year’s Carnival celebration.