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Next time you are throwing a special event, sweeten things up a bit with a candy event theme party. Our gumdrops and sprinkles are just the goodies you need to put the icing on the cake. All of your event guests will drool over the colorful Candy Land decor, too. Try our candy props to set a complete scene.

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Candy Decorations

For your next big event, try a Candy Land theme to create a night to remember. Our candy theme supplies come in colorful styles and classic labels to create a fun event for all ages. Welcome guests with personalized candy land banners featuring your favorite characters and custom wording. Coordinate your personalized candy theme supplies with our candy decorations. Put your own spin on things featuring candies and Candy Land characters you prefer.

Give your prom guests a walk through gumdrop forest when you host a Candy theme prom this year. Drape iridescent gossamer or decorating backgrounds on the walls of your venue. Set up tables for your attendees to mingle when they're not on the dance floor. Cover the tables in bright colorful table covers. Sprinkle Lollipop Castle Confetti on the table and place a glass glass vase in the center. Fill the vases with candy to coordinate with the table for a touch of color. For example, if you have an orange table cover, try filling the glass vase with yellow Lemonheads. Just be sure to give your guests a favor box to take some home in. It will be one sweet treat that they will love to skip through the Candy Land path collecting.

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