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Dinosaur Party Supplies

Create a party 65 million years in the making with a dinosaur themed party

They are magnificent, mysterious and frightening all at the same time, which is why a dinosaur-themed party will capture everyone’s imagination. Kids love these strange creatures with their odd and ferocious appearance, so they are sure to love the Lifelike Inflatable Triceratops that stands five feet tall and stands out in a crowd with its green, scaly skin. The 8’ tall Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Standee makes an even larger impression, baring its menacing teeth for all to see. These majestic animals may be long gone, but they’ll be a true presence at your party and guests will enjoy being up close and personal with them – at least for an evening.

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Unleash the beasts with these Dinosaur Party Decorations

You don’t have to be a kid to love a dinosaur party. Adults appreciate a prehistoric event as well, and they are sure to enjoy an evening with dinosaur party supplies from Stumps. Not many people can say they’ve had their picture taken with a Wooly Mammoth, but your guests will get a shot they won’t soon forget when they sidle up next to the Wooly Mammoth Large Standee. Made of cardboard, it’s a little easier to handle than the real thing, but this guest will certainly stand out. To make an even more dramatic splash, add the Large Volcano Standee, which is nearly 10’ tall and glows red with rivers of hot lava streaming down its sides.