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Hollywood Props

Great Hollywood Party Ideas!

For the best Hollywood party ideas and decorations look no further than Stumps. You’ll find a variety of Hollywood props for sale that will transform the look of any venue from a school’s auditorium to your personal driveway. These Hollywood props will create a spectacular scene your guests will admire. The Hollywood Premiere Kit is a perfect way to introduce guests to your Academy Awards party or introduce actors during a school play. The premiere kit includes a Hollywood Premiere Arch for guests to walk under as they arrive, in addition to festive backdrops and unique Hollywood props like vintage cameras and film reels.

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Hollywood Props Turn Your Party Into a Glamorous Event!

Creating a Hollywood-themed party is a great idea for school dances or fun adult get-togethers. Stumps Box Office Bliss Hollywood Kit is a fun way for community theaters or local organizations to welcome guests to a special movie night. The kit features a festive popcorn-themed arch with white and yellow balloons arching between two classic movie popcorn bags. Give your guests the red carpet treatment with show-stopping Hollywood props turning any high school dance, community movie night or friends and family get-together into a star-studded Hollywood movie premiere.