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Italian Themed Party Supplies

Whether the Roman Colosseum or Canals of Venice, these Italian party decorations will set the scene

With so many iconic sights, sounds and flavors, the only challenge for your Italian-themed party will be choosing which to offer your guests. Will they float down a canal in Venice in a Venetian Sky Gondola or pose for pictures under a Venetian Sky Arch? Or perhaps you want to get them out in the countryside and take them to a Tuscan Villa where they can admire the lush vineyards and faraway peaks. If the sea is more their style, let them gaze out at the Mediterranean while they sample foods and beverages from the surrounding area. You are the tour guide and Italy awaits with party decorations from Stumps.

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Tell your guests to bring their cameras because there will photo opportunities galore at your Italian-themed party. Grab a shot by a moonlight Venetian canal, pose with a date in front of the famous Roman Colosseum or take a selfie under a Romance in Rome Archway. With all these decorations available from Stumps, party goers won’t just leave with a satisfied stomach and smile on their faces, they will have a visual record of all the fun had, thanks to the colorful backdrop you took the time to provide.