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Masquerade Banners

Choose a Magical Party Theme

Whether you’re having a black tie affair, a masquerade party, or you’re throwing a Mardi Gras themed event, you’ll find all the decorations and banners to complete the look you want. Any of these themes will add equal parts luxury and mystery to your event. If you’re planning a high school dance, what better way to celebrate your school than with colorful beads and masks in green, purple, and gold? Watch as your guests show up in elaborate and colorful costumes. We have all of your event needs covered at Stumps Party.

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Masks Make a Party Mysterious

Find horizontal and vertical banners to fit any look you’re going for. Choose from Mardi Gras Mambo Banners, peacock masquerade banners, and feather mask banners. Let guests decorate their own masks at your party, and then have a mask and costume contest. Masquerade party banners make any evening exciting. If you’d rather have a masquerade party than a Mardi Gras party, aim to decorate your event in black, red, and white. Let guests wear these colors as well to keep your party luxurious. Your guests will dance into the night when they’re surrounded by mystery and fun. Shop Stumps Party for all your masquerade and Mardi Gras party needs.