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A Star Event Theme Lights up the Night

Make guests feel like stars when you plan a stars theme event that is out of this world. Shop our star decorations that sparkle and glow with strings of lights, glittering silver, glistening gold and shimmering blues. At Stumps Party, you can buy all that you need for a stars theme party guests will love.

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Stars Theme Party Ideas

A stars theme party brings out romance and natural beauty. There are plenty of ways to create a stunning galaxy of decorations and favors. Set up a twinkle star archway right at the entrance to immediately set the tone for a dreamy evening. Introduce your guests to the center of the universe. Buy a luminescent tunnel to open out to an enchanting starry blue background illustration, giving them the impression of just having reached the galaxies. Scatter light blue latex balloons along the inside and outside of the tunnel.

Make your guests feel like a star when you shop for star event invitations. Add a piece of star-shaped candy to each invitation for a sweet extra. Decorate staircases by winding Milky Way garland around the handrails. Glow stars around balloons are perfect for decorating the dance floor -- the stars light up in the dark! Finally, buy stars candy bars imprinted with zodiac signs. In addition, print how a Libra, Cancer, etc. would eat a candy bar (all in one bite, let it melt in the mouth, broken into bite-size pieces, etc.). Personalized candy bars make fun, delicious party favors.






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