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Wizard of Oz Party Supplies

Wizard of Oz Party Theme Kit Makes Planning Easy

For a work that’s more than three quarters of a century old, “The Wizard of Oz” sure has legs. Maybe it’s because it’s been remade often enough to keep it fresh, or maybe it’s because this tale of mystical magic, unlikely friendships and finding what you need within yourself is so simply powerful that it will always resonate. And resonate it still does, as a popular theme for proms, parties and formals. If you’re in charge of finding a way to send guests over the rainbow this year, make Stumps your first stop for all the Wizard of Oz party supplies you want, and at great prices. We have a great Wizard of Oz Theme Kit that can get you off to a great start and we can even help you pave the yellow brick road.

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Rainbow Colors - A Natural For Wizard of Oz Party Decorations

What could possibly be easier than using rich decorating fabrics to create a fantastic rainbow backdrop for you Wizard of Oz themed party? With its lightweight translucence, gossamer is great for this purpose, and it just so happens that’s it’s available in a rainbow of colors. The price per yard starts off cheap and falls the bigger the roll and the more rolls you order. It’s also easy to carry the rainbow color scheme around the entire room. Use gossamer, chiffon or netting to make overlays or skirts for tables or tie swaths of the fabric into elaborate chair bows. The head table, of course, will be decorated in all green. A cheap picnic basket such as the one Dorothy carried will make a fantastic centerpiece. Fill it with wildflowers or personalized rainbow swirl lollipops that also are favors.