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Wizard of Oz Party Supplies

Take the night Over the Rainbow with a Wizard of OZ Party Theme

Your guests will be thinking “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” to themselves as they behold the land of enchantment you’ve created for your Wizard of Oz party. Lead them to the Emerald City via the Yellow Brick Road Walkway, and set up various cutouts that let you create your own path wherever you want it. When they arrive at their destination, the Emerald City Grand Entrance is a spectacular way to greet them. This 7’ tall gateway features a set of doors that display the word “Oz” and look as impressive as one would expect in such a magical place. You can carry this color scheme beyond the gates with Wizard of Oz props.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to great Wizard of Oz Party Decorations

No collection of Wizard of Oz party decorations would be complete without an appearance by Dorothy and Toto. With the Dorothy & Toto Wizard of Oz Standee, your guests can meet a life-size replica of the iconic Dorothy, complete with her blue dress and ruby-red slippers. Where Dorothy goes the Wicked Witch is sure to follow, so be sure to add a Wicked Witch Wizard of Oz Standee as well. The Wizard of Oz party supplies available from Stumps let you recreate this magical land in as much detail as you care to.