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Prom Court Sashes

Affordable Prom Court Sashes

Make your school’s royal court an integral part of your prom night celebration without breaking the bank with a diverse selection of affordable prom court sashes. Prom court sashes celebrate the lucky individuals that have been chosen to participate and further the long-loved tradition of a special royal court at the prom. At Stumps, you can customize your prom court sashes with your choice of font, sequins, sash color, and trim. Select a matching set of sashes for the court’s king, queen, prince, princess, and attendants, or mix and match for a varied set. Whichever styles and colors you choose for your court, you can be sure that your selections will be affordable. You may even want to let the court members keep their custom sashes to commemorate the special night of their prom.

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Make a Royal Court with Prom Court Sashes

Royal sashes are a fast and affordable way to honor the tradition of a royal court at your school’s prom. Combined with other prom royalty accessories like star or word pins, prom court sashes are an inexpensive way to add an element of elegance and refinement to a night of magic and togetherness for the students. The court members will appreciate the detail that goes into their special prom court sashes. Create customized sashes so they can be given to their recipients as prom keepsakes to treasure for the rest of their lives; or, if the budget needs to be closely watched, the school can reuse the courtly sashes next year to stretch the prom budget even further than the already value-based prices.