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Prom King Sashes

Crown the King with Prom King Sashes

Crown a new king to reign over the royal court of the class with a fun prom king sash. Prom king sashes from Stumps add a sense of stately class to your prom event, and make the prom king easy to spot throughout the prom party night. Customize your prom king sash selection with an embroidery selection, your choice of font, sequins, sash color, and trim for a truly unique Prom sash that will commemorate the experience for the lucky prom king. Add other prom king accessories like king or star pins to secure the sash and enhance the look of his highness’ royal look. A royal prom king sash from Stumps is a fast and affordable way to crown a king at your school’s prom.

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Find Many Styles of Prom King Sashes

With the extensive variety of colors and styles of prom king sashes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect king’s sash to coordinate with your prom and school colors, and even with your Prom queen sash or sashes for other members of the prom court. Prom king sashes at Stumps come in classic colors like black, blue, red, and white, as well as customizable styles that can be personalized in school or prom colors. Prom king sashes are a great way to add style and detail to the prom event on the day of the party, and the prom king will surely appreciate the gesture; after the prom, the king can take the sash home and treasure it for many years to come.