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Create a Crowning Ceremony with Royalty Scepters

If you're crowning a king and queen at your party, prom, or special event, our scepters will give you the perfect finishing touch for this fun ceremony. Give your king and queen a bright glittering scepter to hold for royalty photos. Complete your crowning with the much-anticipated passing of the scepter from past monarchs to your new leaders. You can even include your scepters as an eye-catching accessory on a parade float if your king and queen make special appearances throughout the year. Choose both a delicate queen scepter and a matching, yet bolder option for your king.

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Pick Your Royal Scepter Wisely

With the right item, you can theme your royal scepter to your school or organization. Looking for the perfect piece for prom king and queen? Try a round velvet scepter in your school colors. If you want something with a little more glitter, charm your subjects with a delicate lotus scepter. Choose a design with a simple unadorned handle and add your own embellishments, like ribbons in your school colors. The ornate handle of mini crown scepter needs no additions, making it the ideal choice for a quick and simple solution. Make a powerful statement with these accessories.