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Chain Link Fence Cups

Sets To Create Unbelievable Chain Link Fence Art

Take your outdoor decorations to the next level with put in cup fence decorations from Stumps Party. A trend that started with a way to spell out a simple message on a fence has evolved to something approaching an art form – we’re particularly proud of the work our designers did on our tiger mascot fence cup set. It’s nothing short of stunning. We carry sets for a number of other high school and college mascots, too, including a horse, eagle, cardinal, wildcat and knight. If your mascot is anything else with paws and claws, we have you covered, too, with sets to create fence art in those shapes. Most sets are customizable in school colors and include everything you need – no guesswork when ordering or frantic last-minute reordering if the calculations were off.

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Great Prices on Fence Decorations And Other School Spirit Gear

We also carry put-in fence cups in 15 solid colors for schools whose art departments are eager for a challenge or for organizations that want to send a public message. At 3 ½ inches and an inch deep, the cups will fit in most chain-link fences, holding securely in place once they’re positioned. They’re apart of our huge collection of school spirit items designed to whip fan enthusiasm to a frenzy both before and during a game. Many make fabulous fund-raisers, too. A school organization that sells custom seat cushions before the start of football season might well find itself meeting its budget goal for the year shortly after Labor Day. With the low costs at Stumps, it’s easy to keep the product affordable for customers and still turn a great profit.