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Custom Cheer Signs and Letters

Put your team support in writing with Custom Cheer Signs

Get the crowd riled up with cheer signs for any school spirit event. Whether you’re a fan in the stands or the mascot entertaining the audience, cheerleading signs are great for pep rallies and sporting events. Find corex or cardboard signs in your school’s colors to show your pride and cheer your team to victory. Prior to the match, hang personalized parking signs in the school hallway to get your peers excited for the big game. Have the cheerleaders and mascot wave the signs to get everyone in the crowd on his or her feet. Cheer signs add to the excitement at a school’s event and provide the perfect complement to other spirit decorations. Find your cheerleading signs at Stumps.

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Get the crowd involved with Cheer Letters and Cheerleading Signs

Make your school’s next sporting event extra special with custom cheer signs! These signs are perfect for showing your school pride and cheering on your team with unique messages. Add your own words and designs to inspire your peers to show school spirit and your team to win the championship. If you want to decorate your own sign, white poster board is great for use with paint and markers, or spell out your spirit with cheer letters. Whether you’re spelling the name of your school or your team’s mascot, cheer letters are perfect for giving you a W-I-N. Stumps has large and small custom cheer signs in a variety of colors.