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Poster Paint

Washable and Easy To Use Paints that are Perfect For Sign-Making

We have a huge variety of paints suitable for posters and banners. Our banner paint is bold in color and comes in 32 ounce containers for only $32.99. Available in every color of the rainbow, it achieves excellent results. We also have paint markers, which are incredibly simple to use and come in 2-ounce bottles for only $3.49. We carry paint brushes specifically for posters that come in a wide range of sizes as well as tons of different color options to pair with your paints.

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In addition to our collection of poster materials, we also have lots of paint options for kids. Our glow in the dark paint is great for kid's parties as well as for decorating children's bedrooms. Paint stars on the ceilings or words on the walls. We also sell Crayola washable kid's paint, which is good for painting lessons or small projects. If your child is older and artistic, consider buying them a royal oil paint set. It includes everything a beginner would need, like a handy beginner guide, multiple styles of brushes, oil paints, linseed oil, an apron, and so much more.